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Do You Ever….

  • Wake up feeling sluggish, stiff, sore or all of the above?
  • Get headaches?
  • Feel like you don’t have any energy?
  • Avoid physical activity because you’re limited in some way?

Believe it or not, the difference between how you feel today and the way you’d like to feel could be as simple as a slight adjustment from a Hastings chiropractic clinic. Sounds too simple right?

Check Out the Story of Two Guys on a Golf Course….

‘Two guys walk up to a tee box on a golf course: The first guy sets up his ball on a tee, lines up his club, adjusts his stance, swings and the little white object flies off into the distance at the sound of a “whir and a crisp crack.” His ball sails down the fairway and lands near the green, likely just a chip shot and putt from the hole. The second guy steps up and follows what appears to be almost the exact same process that the first guy did…only his ball had a completely different journey after leaving the tee. The second guy’s ball made it into the air, but made a serious left turn and landed in trees and tall grass on the left side of the fairway, far short of where the first guy’s ball landed.’

What Happened?

If you’re not a golf pro, it’s hard to tell the difference between what these two guys did because it looked similar – if not identical – but the results were very different. There could have been any number of variations in what the two golfers did, but the second golfer might not have kept his head down long enough, his shoulders square enough or his back straight enough. Perhaps golfer #2 didn’t reach far enough on his backswing, grip his club correctly or line up his shot toward the green. Any of the many things that the second golfer may have done to get different results from the first can be described as something I’m very familiar with: A SLIGHT ADJUSTMENT.

A Slight Adjustment In Hastings

The difference between waking up refreshed, having the energy to get through your days and all your work and family obligations, exercising or choosing “couch time” could be as simple as something in your body being slightly out of place. If any of your vertebrae are out of place, you could be experiencing pressure on your nerves that shouldn’t be there. So instead of waking up, feeling well, having a headache or not and being motivated to do any number of things you want to do could be as simple as making a ‘simple adjustment’ to the areas of your spine that might be bearing down on your nerves and causing all sorts of conditions that you might believe are results of other activities. Let’s find out! Chiropractic is a non-invasive alternative that could help you correct conditions that start out as inconveniences, but have potential to grow into chronic ailments.

I’m happy to explain this or answer any questions you may have! Contact us at Parker Chiropractic today.


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