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“What Does Your Knee Have to Do With Your Back?” Relief to Realization….

Finding out that his knee injury contributed to his back injury and getting relief and repair for both brought Dr. Parker to the realization that he wanted to be a chiropractor at the age of 17. An avid cross-country runner, Dr. Parker had been sidelined for two weeks with a knee problem when he froze and was gripped by intense back pain attempting to open an airplane hangar door.

His parents sought the help of a chiropractor and the doctor explained the connection between the knee problem and the back injury. Dr. Parker was fascinated by the results of his treatment, how approachable his doctor was and how chiropractic focused on the big picture of how the body works. It was so different than traditional medicine and dealt with the situation without simply covering it up with drugs. Following the prescribed treatment plan that focused on both weak and injured body parts and their connection, Dr. Parker felt that had his life back within a week.

A Chiropractic Education

Dr. Parker holds a B.S. in Physical Education with minors in Biology and Chemistry from South Dakota State University as well as his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He has been practicing in Hastings, MN for over 17 years.

On a Personal Note…

Chiropractor Hastings MN Bill Parker With Family

Dr. Parker moved to Hastings in the 1990s and loves his adopted hometown. He enjoys the local trail system, the parks, following sports teams from the local high school to the pros. Dr. Parker spent years serving the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce doing a complete tour of duty and enjoys staying in tune with community activities and development.

His Patients

Dr. Parker understands his patients’ health challenges and how hard it can be to stick to a regular exercise plan and do the many things we’re told we’re supposed to do to get and stay healthy. He makes sure to get regular chiropractic care by trading treatments with his colleagues. He loves Rice Krispy bars, but rarely has headaches!!


Could you use more or better sleep? Do you have anything going on like allergies, cramping headaches or stiffness? I’d love to share how we can help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care.


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